About us

The “Latin America Scholars Community” is a network of researchers focused on developing content about the region. Its main objective is to promote collaborative work among professionals doing academic or applied research on five initial topics: Social entrepreneurship, Corruption and ethical leadership, Family business, Gender, and Management education.

Currently, the network has a total of 174 researchers from 27 business schools located in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru, and EFMD as global sponsor. To date, the number of researchers participating by topic is as follows: 68 in Social entrepreneurship, 37 in Corruption and ethical leadership, 32 in Family business, 29 in Gender, and 59 in Management education.

Regular interaction is virtual and by group of interest. In addition, a face-to-face event addressing topics from the different research groups takes place every year (during 2020, such event did not occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic). The venue of the annual event rotates among participating schools and during the event attendees have the opportunity to share their research ideas and explore new collaboration opportunities, while expanding their research network and strengthening the existing one.